Try This Hotel Hack for a More Relaxing Vacation

The main goal of any vacation is to come back feeling refreshed, right? Well recently, I started doing one ritual on trips that makes me feel more relaxed and sleep better at night…

Photo via JanClaus on Pixabay

I have a few messy habits, whether I’m at home or on the road. Even though I can’t stand clutter, I tend to throw my clothes all over the place or stuff them in my suitcase so they are nice and wrinkled by the end of the trip.

Lately, though, I’ve been making a point of folding my pajamas in the morning when I travel and setting them out on the hotel bed or Airbnb dresser. After a long day of exploring or being out and about, my pajamas look so inviting. Especially when they are nicely folded on the hotel bed instead of crumpled in a pile on the top of my suitcase!

Coming back to a turned down hotel room with my pajamas waiting for me is the best. thing. ever. Especially if the room has been set with dim lighting and a chocolate on the pillow.

It’s a small gesture, but I’ve found it makes a big difference.

What are your hacks for a more relaxing vacation? 

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